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Long Eaton Kickboxing

Martial Arts Centre, Fields Farm Road, Long Eaton, Nottinghamshire NG10 3FZ

Mobile: 07307 164 644


Paul Keward - Kickboxing Coach

The above photo; 3rd DAN ASMAA Kickboxing Grading being awarded at Ox Martial Arts Thurcroft Rotherham with Paul Oxtoby; 7th DAN Kickboxing ASMAA


What should I wear?

As a beginner a tracksuit, jogging bottoms or shorts and a T-shirt.

Will I need to bring anything else?

Just a bottle of water.

Do I need to be fit to start Kickboxing?

No. Your instructor will tailor your first few lessons to suit your level of fitness. Regular Martial Arts training will rapidly increase fitness and flexibility.

What are lessons like?

Lessons will vary each week. They will incorporate a work out, stretching, pad work, technical drills and self defence. Sparring is available at most classes for those who wish to fight (after a probationary period).

Do I need to fight ?

No. Sparring is optional within our club but you are required to demonstrate sparring on all grading exams.

How much does it cost?

Classes are £5 PAYG and discounted if you want to pay monthly.

What level are the classes?

Lessons are designed to cater for all levels and abilities. Our minimum age requirement is seven years old (subject to the instructors discretion).

When do I need equipment and a uniform?

You will need to buy a club T Shirt before you have take your first grading. Basic training equipment is available for you to use and other equipment can be bought from the club or directly as and when you need it.

Can I  grade?

Yes. Grades are held three times a year for lower grades and twice a year for our higher grades. We will discuss with you prior to each grading whether you have attained the required standard for the grade.